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pastor manuel ortiz preaching
Volume 5 - Issue 1
Susan S. Baker

The Life and Ministry of an Urban Pastor Manuel (Manny) Ortiz (1938-2017)

It is impossible to speak of the impact Manny has had on urban ministry without taking a quick look into who he was as a man of God. Manny never pretended to be perfect or above anyone else. He saw himself as a sinner saved by the grace of God. His keen awareness of his own failings kept him humble, always giving credit to the Lord for his achievements, and non-judgmental, knowing that God forgave him for his sins so how could he do otherwise with others.

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Volume 1 - Issue 1
Mark R. Gornik

Profile: Andrew Walls and the Transformation of Christianity

Christianity is inherently polycentric. Africa, Asia and Latin America are important not just numerically for the church, but theologically. These are some of Andrew F. Walls’ insights into the cross-cultural nature of the Christian faith. He is an important guide who will help us understand global Christianity today as well as the nature of the church’s mission in the 21st century.

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