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Volume 8 - Issue 1
Gino Curcuruto

Review: Who Moved My Neighborhood?

Title: Who Moved My Neighborhood? Author: Mark E. Strong Publisher: Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2022 Pages: 168 Reviewer: Gino Curcuruto Gentrification has dramatically changed

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Volume 6 - Issue 1
Sheryl Van Horne

Review: Just Mercy Film

Just Mercy emphasizes social justice, enumerating the variety of flaws of a criminal justice system blinded by racism and handicapped by poverty. Just Mercy was

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Volume 5 - Issue 1
Susan S. Baker

Review: Race and Place: How Urban Geography Shapes the Journey to Reconciliation

Most books about race focus on individual racism; others on systemic racism. David Leong’s book addresses systemic issues in a mission context and delves into how place affects and is affected by racial differentiation, how the way the places we inhabit has been formed for the sake of exclusion, and how place must therefore be considered when working for reconciliation and mission.

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Volume 2 - Issue 1
Kyuboem Lee

Review: Planting Churches in the 21st Century

What questions do church planters need to ask? Author Stuart Murray, to answer, leaves no stone unturned (almost), and helps us craft a deeply-reflected missionary strategy that is unique to each church planting situation, eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Volume 1 - Issue 2
Susan S. Baker

Review: Church Planting Movements

Hundreds of churches are being planted within relatively few years and tens of thousands are coming to know Christ, in places and among people groups that most of us have never heard of. David Garrison calls these occurrences Church Planting Movements, and within the pages of his book by the same name he provides their stories and lessons the Church as a whole can learn from them.

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Volume 1 - Issue 1
Susan S. Baker

Review: When Helping Hurts

Most well-to-do North American Christians have a misunderstanding of poverty, as well as of themselves in relation to the poor, and therefore apply misguided solutions that end up hurting rather than helping already desperate situations, in spite of their good intentions. Here is a book that seeks to help the church, especially the well-to-do North American church, gain a better understanding of poverty that will lead to better practices of mercy ministry.

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