Coz Crosscombe

Coz Crosscombe is an Australian who seems to have gotten lost in Philadelphia for the past eighteen years. He currently focuses on economic and community development, part of a team dedicated to lasting neighborhood transformation. He is married to Joyce, who has done far more for the community than Coz could ever dream of. Three beautiful daughters and a strong son round out the family, along with whoever happens to be along for the ride.

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The Outsiders and Their Role in Urban Mission

The prevailing model of urban mission has been one of dependence on Outsiders who seemingly bring needed resources–money, education, connections to outside communities. Has this model brought about more harm than good? Is there a better way forward for ministry in the inner city? And what is the proper role for Outsiders in a such a vision?

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A Sense of Place

The hope of most urban missionaries is to see people living in urban poverty become leaders in their own community. Once equipped with education and opportunity, instead of moving out of town, we encourage them to stay and make a difference. However, these leaders are often considered a failure by their own community if they don’t relocate. Incarnational ministers receive accolades for their “sacrifice” of living in urban poverty, but community leaders do not.