Gino Curcuruto

Gino Curcuruto is a co-vocational pastor with the Table Philadelphia, a church plant in Philadelphia, PA. Gino has been leading in local church contexts for nearly 20 years. He and his wife, Jill, have started communities of people who center their lives in the love Jesus and make disciples in both urban and suburban context. Additionally, he has equipped and coached leaders and lay people across the country to do the same. Gino and Jill having four amazing kids (Ella, Selah, Tim, and Nate) and two super-OK dogs (Mr. Tumnus and Lucy). Twitter: @thetablephilly @ginoc

A Cultural Exegesis of a South Philadelphia Neighborhood

I live in Philadelphia, a city where grit is not just a metaphor for our working-class ethic but also a description of the landscape. When our hockey team recently got a new mascot, they named it Gritty. So “gritty” is a visual cue, a posture, and an ethos for Philadelphia. Defining neighborhood boundaries in Philadelphia

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