Jared Looney

Dr. Jared Looney completed a Bachelor of Science in mission studies from Abilene Christian University, a Master of Arts from Houston Graduate School of Theology, and a Doctor of Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary. After finishing college, he spent three years as a youth minister in Houston's poorest center city neighborhoods before moving to The Bronx (NY) as an urban missionary. Jared served in New York City from 2001 to 2016, until he moved to Tampa (FL), where he is now located. He is the founding director of Global City Mission, and he is the author of Crossroads of the Nations: Diaspora, Globalization, and Evangelism, named a top 15 mission studies text of 2015 by International Bulletin of Mission Research, and co-author of Mosaic: A Ministry Handbook for a Globalizing World, in addition to various articles. Jared serves in a number of capacities, including teaching, consulting, serving as an adjunct professor, speaking on missions issues, and leading Global City Mission.

Global Shifts & Practical Implications for Mission

(Originally presented at Christian Scholars Conference 2018, Lipscomb University) In the history of humankind on this planet, the idea of change should not be a surprising concept. Regular adaptation has been consistent throughout history. The first agricultural settlements leading to inevitable urbanization, naval navigation, the printing press, the nation-state, the industrial revolution, the internet . […]

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Transcending Borders: Cities as Nodes for Transnational Evangelism

Migration and mission are often woven together as key themes throughout Scripture. As migration continues in an increasingly global society, contemporary cities are emerging as nodes of transnational social networks, and urban missionaries face new opportunities to contextualize evangelism and church planting. This article highlights these emerging opportunities, offers concrete examples of ministries that are aligning themselves with these new realities, and identifies some key principles and practices for transnational evangelism in global cities.

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